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Rowena’s mother comes to the hospital. She looks at Rowena through the window and happily says that she is awake. Miranda’s henchman is there disguised as a janitor. He hears her and informs Miranda. She tells him that he knows what to do. Chito who is disguised as a nurse sees him through the CCTV footage in the control room. He calls Yvonne who is dressed as a nurse and informs her. She tells her that she didn’t see him. The henchmen disguises as a nurse and enters Rowena’s room together with the hospital staff. He takes out a syringe and injects Rowena and she dies.

As Samantha sleeps she has nightmares about Ana. She gets startled and wakes up. Gael enquires if she is okay and she says that she is.

When the team goes back Mona tells them that Rowena told her that Salvador was the one who shot her. Celeste tells them to piece everything together and they arrive at the conclusion that Salvador uses the terrorist group to kidnap victims and save them to appear like a hero. Celeste says that Salvador is the one who killed Rowena.

Samantha sees the flashes of Ana again. She convinces herself that Ana is dead. Gael finds her all restless and asks her the matter but she says that she is okay. Ana throws darts at everyone who hurt her. Celeste comes there. She asks Ana what she is doing. Ana angrily tells her that she hasn’t started with them yet. Ana tells her that she heard their conversation that Salvador killed someone again.

Samantha is sad. Gael cheers her up and tells her that they should make the most of the time they have at the resort to spend time together because his schedule won’t allow them to go for their honeymoon. Just then he gets a call from Diego asking him to return because a new investor named Analisa is arriving to meet them. Samantha hears it and looks on angrily. Afterwards Gael tells her that they have to return home. Telenovela fever Kenya is a wordpress blog that gives you the best updates. Continue reading and Follow, Like, share and comment.

Ana tells Celeste that she will have her revenge. Celeste tells her that they are not after revenge but they want justice. Ana angrily tells Celeste that she will have revenge from Salvador and Miranda for killing her parents. She adds that she will ruin Gael just like he ruined her. She says that she will take away everything from Samantha for allowing the man to kill her. She also says that she will take away her lover, money and family. She says that every one of them will pay with their lives. Afterwards Ana practices severely. Xander and the others watch her. Celeste comes there and tells her that she will harm herself but Ana tells her that she wants to join them. Celeste tells her that she can’t so Ana asks them what they want since they don’t accept anything she does. Celeste tells her to calm down because she made the same mistake before when she confronted Salvador after hearing his conversation with Miranda. Ana says that she has nothing to lose but Celeste tells her that she has her grandmother and brother. Ana walks away angrily.

Samantha and Gael return home. Miranda asks them why they came back so soon. Gael tells Miranda that there is an emergency at work so thay had to come back. Samantha says that she won’t get used to sharing Gael even with his work. Gael excuses himself and leaves. Samantha thanks Miranda for supporting her but Miranda tells her that she was lenient with her before because she and Gael weren’t married. She tells her to be a good and ideal wife to Gael but if she doesn’t do so she will become the worst evil mother in law to her. Samantha promises that she will be like that. Gael joins them. He says that he is leaving for work. Samantha says that she will go with him but he says that he doesn’t need a nanny. Samantha holds him and tells him that she just wants to be the ideal wife for him. Gael however tells her that he doesn’t need her to follow him everywhere and leaves.

Ana runs away again. Chito suggests that they go looking for her but Celeste tells them that Ana has learned to take care of herself ever since she was young. She says that Ana even became the breadwinner of her adoptive family so they shouldn’t worry about of her. Mona says that she is worried that Ana might fall into the hands of Salvador. Celeste tells her that Ana can take care of herself and tells her to trust her.Samantha sists alone by the pool. Miranda joins her and tells her not to be clingy to Gael. Samantha says that she is not but she just wants to protect her marriage. Miranda taunts her and tells her not to complicate Gael’s life. Samantha tells her that she is not doing that and tells Miranda that she knows that he and Salvador were the ones behind what happened to Ana.

Ana arrives at her house. She goes inside a rug on the floor. She takes it and hugs. She sits on the chair and cries for her family.

Miranda tells Salvador about what Samantha told her. They go to see Samantha in her room Salvador asks her to stop thinking like that about him but Samantha says that she heard Miranda talking on the phone and also saw Ana her being shot. She tells Salvador that she hasn’t told anyone about it so they can trust her. Salvador asks her what she wants so Samantha tells him that she just wants to know if he finished his job because she saw Ana at the wedding. She tells them that she just wants to make sure that Ana won’t come back to ruin her life.

Emmy comes to Ana’s house. She is glad to see Ana. She hugs her and asks what happened. She tells Ana that she was so angry at what Gael and his family said about her. She asks Ana when she didn’t return because she waited for her and enquires about Vicente. Ana cries and tells her that someone wanted them dead and they killed Vicente. Emmy sympathises with her and afterwards Ana tells her everything that happened. Emmy tells her that she is going against powerful people and she might not stand a chance like her grandmother. Ana asks what happened to her granny so Emmy shows her a video of her grandmother and Tantan begging help from Salvador but he says that he can do nothing. Ana cries and asks if she knows where they are but Emy says that she doesn’t. Ana says that she will go where they were supposed to meet with Tantan and grandmother because they might still be waiting for her. Emmy tries to stop her but Ana says that she has to go. Emy gives her some supplies and asks her to be careful. Ana hugs her and tells her not to tell anyone that she saw her.

Samantha meets a private detective to investigate and find Ana’s family saying that if ana comes back she will go looking for her family. She says that she doesn’t want Ana to come back to their lives again.

Ana starts looking for Tantan and grandmother. She goes to various places but she doesn’t find them. Finally she goes to the hotel where they checked in. The reception tells her that they were there but they never checked out. He says that there was a man who came to see them before they disappeared.

The Delmundo’s sit down to have a meal. Samantha and Salvador disagree so Hilary asks Salvador if they fought but he says that they didn’t and adds that it has never happened ever since Samantha came into their lives. Hilary tells him it is because he is indifferent towards Samantha and tells him that Samantha loves him so much that she can do anything for him. Salvador gazes on in agreement.

Melchor informs Celeste that he found out about the prison where the terrorists who were caught are being kept. He says that he has to talk to him before he gets transferred. Celeste agrees with him saying that the terrorists are heavily protected by security so they might not get a chance to talk to them. Melchor tells her that knows someone there so he will try to find out. Celeste thanks him and says that soon they will find out why Salvador is heavily connected to the terrorist group.

Ana asks the receptionist to show her the CCTV footage. She does. Ana sees Tantan and her grandmother in a confrontation with Gael and afterwards they are forced into a van. She gets really upset. Afterwards Ana meets Emmy and tells her what she discovered. She tells her that the Delmundo’s have her family because she saw the video although it had no audio and the video was blurry. Emmy is angered by the news and tells her that they killed her father and kidnapped her brother and grandmother. Ana adds that the Delmundo’s are afraid that her grandmother will speak up. She asks Ana what she thinks the Delmundo’s will do to them but Ana says that Gael will pay for it and that she has to find her family and if they hurt any of them she will make them suffer.

Melchor enters the prison where the terrorist is. He gets into his cell and the terrorist asks ho he asks who he is. Melchor tell him that it doesn’t matter who he is but what he will tell him. Melchor asks him to tell him who is responsible for the chaos his group has been causing but the terrorist refuses to tell him saying that he is bound by his loyalty to his group. Melchor painfully grabs his arms and tells him that they can’t survive without anyone sponsoring their activities and providing them with weapons. The terrorist tell him that he is not the first person to ask him that question bit Melchor tells him that he is not a cop so there is no law that will stop him from doing or getting what he wants to do. He tells the terrorist that he will kill his family so Melchor tells him that Salvador is the mastermind of everything. Melchor threatens he m and asks him to say everything that he knows.

Ana sneaks into Gael’s house. Gael prepares to go to work. He tells Samantha not to follow him but she says that she is not going to do so. Samantha goes to call the detective and asks him if he found Ana. Gael hears her and asks he why she is doing that. Ana hides behind the cars and watches them. Gael tells ana that Ana is trying to hide from everyone but Samantha asks him why he is afraid to see ana. He says that they have moved on but he ask sher if he has done that and tells him that is the case then he wont be affected if sh looks for ana. Gael firmly grabs her and tells her that she will follow his instructions. Samantha winces in pain and asks him to let go of her hand. He lets go and she sees Ana. She shouts her name and Gael is surprised. He asks her what she is saying and looks around. Samantha however tells him that it is nothing. She falls on the ground and calls out to Gael saying that she is bleeding. Gael turns towards her and gets worried.


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Gael goes to see Miranda. He tells her that they have to tall about her pregnancy. She tells him that there is no point since he is not marrying her. She says that she won’t force herself in his life because she knows her place and she will not prioritize her baby. Gael asks her if she will let him provide for it. Samantha says that she won’t let him see the child if he doesn’t marry her. She tells him that she will leave with the child bit Gael tell sher that she is not going anywhere with his child. She asks him his decision and tells him that ahe is impatient. He tells her to call when she makes up his mind. Gael accepts to marry her. She gets elated and asks for the ring telling him to propose to her.

Ana does practice. Xander and Melchor watch her. Melchor tells him what Ana is doing is hard and that Ana is facing her fear and not giving up. He says that it is impressive but Xander tells h that it is not impressive because they too overcame their fears and they never gave up. Melchor tells him that he gave up on her but Xander tells him that he thought that she couldn’t. Melchor reminds him that he didn’t give up on Stella but Xander ignores his comment. Telenovela fever Kenya is a wordpress blog that gives you the best updates. Continue reading and Follow, Like, share and comment.

The Delmundo’s and the Ojeda’s meet. Gael apologises to Hilary for what he did the other day. He tells them about his decision to marry Samantha. Samantha says that they talked and Gael realized that he couldn’t live without her. Hilary says that they can start planning the wedding. Samantha tells them that she wants a grand wedding but Gael says that they will have a simple one. Hilary backs Samantha up saying that Samantha is her only daughter and she wants a special wedding for her. Miranda says that they have no tome because they have to do the wedding he before Samantha’s belly starts to show. Hilary asks Salvador for his opinion. Salvador agrees with Samantha saying that if they have a big wedding many issues will come up.

Mario asks Celeste if she talked to Ana. She says that she did and she doesn’t know how to react because she knows that Ana wants to help but she can’t do it. He tells her to give her time because some people are just afraid to shoot. She asks him to join them for snacks and he says that he will join later. They see news of Rowena having been discharged from the ICU. Celeste says that they have to visit her and find out the truth from her. Chito goes to the hospital

He calls Celeste and tells her that Rowena has been discharged but she is being guarded by the police.

Samantha and Hilary start preparations for her wedding. Hilary asks her if she is worried that Gael wants a civil wedding but Samantha tells her that she will talk to him. Hilary tells her that he doesn’t agree with Gael because a wedding is a one time affair. Samantha gets happy. Hilary tells her that she can’t believe that she is getting married. Samantha thanks her. Hilary asks her if she is ready to be a wife and mother but Samantha tells her that she is because she is there to guide her. Hilary happily agrees with her.

Xander tells Mario that Ana can’t even hold a gun. Mario tells him that he is there to teach her. Mario tells him that he doesn’t want to train Ana because he reminds her about someone. He asks Xander to vent his frustration on Ana.

Ana has nightmares about her gun training with Xander.

Miranda goes to Gael and tell him that they are waiting for him. She him that marrying Samantha will make good political publicity bit Gael tells her that he is not getting married to seek publicity. Miranda tells him that even though she wasn’t able to give him a complete family she wishes that he will have a complete and a happy family.

Melchor goes to the hospital where Rowena is. He bumps into Miranda’s henchman. Afterwards the team meets and he tells them that Samantha was moved to the ICU and the police are guarding her room. He says that it will be very difficult to get to her. Celeste says that the news also said that Salvador is on his way to visit and if they meet they won’t be able to speak to Rowena. Mario says that he bumped into a suspicious man lurking around Rowena’s room. He says that the man had a scar so Xander tells them that the man who shot Ana had a scar. Mona tells him that the man who he saw on the CCTV had a scar too. Celeste tells them that if the man is Salvador henchman then they are planning something against Rowena. Mona asks Celeste why she thinks so Melchor says that Rowena knows something that Salvador is trying to hide. Mona tells then that they need to act fast and talk to her. Celeste says that they have to come up with a plan to go to the hospital. Ana joins them and says that she is going too but Yvonne tells her that she is afraid of guns. Ana tells them that she heard their conversation and they are going to the hospital to talk to Rowena so they don’t need gins. Mario tells her that it is possible that Salvador’s men there so she can’t go. Celeste tells her that she can’t go. Ana tells her that she just wants to learn but Celeste tells her that she will find nothing out and she will just slow them down. Ana says that she wont be a burden and begs Celeste but Xander says that it is no use begging and tells her not eavesdrop on their conversation next time. Ana walks away angrily.

The Delmundo’s and the Ojeda’s hold a press conference. Samantha confirms to the press that he and Gael will be married but it will be simple family affair. A reporter asks why it is sudden but Samantha says that have been planning it for a long time. They ask about his plans to enter politics and he says that he and his family have been discussing it for a while and he has finally made up his mind to do so. He however says that he will ficus on his marriage first.

Gracia helps Samantha prepare for her wedding. Samantha tells her not to put the veil on her because she doesn’t want to cover her beautiful face. Hilary joins them and excuses Gracia. She compliments Samantha telling her that Gael will be so happy to see her.

Ana plans to sneak away using the team’s truck. She apologises to Gael and says that his family ruined her family and they have to pay for it because she can’t forgive them. She says that he is the only one who can make them pay and she hopes that she won’t be so late.

Salvador and Miranda arrive at the wedding venue. Samantha asks about Gael. Miranda tells her that he is on his way. Hilary gets upset that he is late for his own wedding but Miranda asks her to chill saying that it is a wedding and not a war. Gael arrives there. Samantha tells him that he shouldn’t see her before the wedding but Gael tells her that they were having a simple family affair. Samantha tells her that is simple for her and tells her to leave because she has to walk on the isle.

Melchor sees Ana trying to escape. He asks her where she is going bit he tells her that they are evil. She tells him that Gael is not bad and he can help her get over her fear of guns. Melchor refuses. Meanwhile Xander sees news of Gael and Samantha’s wedding. He comes to where Ana is forcefully makes her but in the van telling her that he will show her the truth because she doesn’t want to listen. Melchor tries to stop him but but he tells him that he has to stop Ana. He gets into the truck and drives away with Ana. They arrive at the courtyard where Gael and Samantha are holding their wedding. He holds her hand and drags her along. She asks him what they are doing there and he tells her that she will see. They go up to the roof.

Samantha wears along bridal dress adorned with red flowers and walks down the isle as Gael waits for her wearing a grey suit. Ana is shocked to see them getting married. The wedding starts. Samantha accepts to be Gael’s wife. Gael hesitates and looks on but Samantha tells her that everyone is waiting. He accepts to be her husband. They say their vows as Ana watches and cries. They are pronounced as husband and wife. Ana breaks down watching them. Everyone claps for them. Ana recalls Samantha telling her to let her have Gael just like the toy. She recalls Samantha seeing her being kidnapped and shot and doing nothing to help her and her father crying out to her in pain. She gets hold of Xander gun and aims at Salvador. Xander tris to persuade her out telling her that if she does that she won’t get the justice she wants but she keeps aiming the gin. She however cries and says that she can’t shoot. Xander asks her if she will let them get away with it but Xander tells her that death is too light a punishment for them. He tells her that they should leave and as they leave Samantha sees them. Afterwards she tells Gracia to look for Ana because she saw her there.

The team tells Celeste that Xander is nowhere to be found so she instructs them to find him because they have a mission to attend to. Mona comes there and tells them that Ana is missing too. Chito suggests that they find her too but Yvonne angrily tells him that he likes her because he is always concerned for her. Mona says that maybe she is with Xander but Yvonne says that Xander hates her. They are worried where they might have gone so Melchor tells them that, hey went to Gael because ana insisted so Xander took her. Chito says that it is Gaels wedding day so Celeste says that it might be dangerous for her but Melchor tells them that she will be fine because Xander is with her. Celeste tells him that they should not have let Ana go. Yvonne asks what they will do without Xander but Celeste tells them that they will carry out the mission without him because Salvador has his men on the hospital and any moment something could happen to Rowena. Melchor tells her that they will go there and save Rowena.

Gael and Samantha hold their reception. Hilary tells them not to let go of each other.

The team goes to the hospital. Mona acts as a neurologist and enters the hospital. She asks the security to make sure that no one disturbs her and then. She tells the guard that Rowena has a blood clot and she has to check on her. She goes to check Rowena to make sure that she is okay. Yvonne and Chito distract Salvador’s men to ensure that they don’t get to Rowena. Chito goes to the security room and tells them to check the third floor because his patient is missing. There do that and he is able to see Salvador’s men outside Rowena’s room.

Ana and Xander arrive at the hide out. She tells the team what they did but Xander says that she had to open Ana’s eyes. Ana asks her why she didn’t tell her earlier about Gael because she looked like a fool hoping that Gael still loved her and that he would help her. Celeste tells her that he was going to tell her at the right time but she thought that she needed hope and she didn’t want to take that away from her because she wanted her to be strong. Ana tells her that she shouldn’t have decided for when she should get hurt or when she shouldn’t. She says that it was better to learn the truth than hope in a lie. Xander tells her that Celeste did not lie to her because if Gael loved her would have looked for her and he would be the one with her a d not them. Ana says that she just wanted to learn the truth that they kept away from her and walks away.

Salvador thanks Gael for everything but Gael tells her that he said that he said that he won’t disappoint him but he got Samantha pregnant. Salvador tells him to look at it as an opportunity to build his political image because Samantha comes from a very reputable family. Gracia tells Samantha that Ana wasn’t there. Samantha asks her if he is sure of what he is saying because she saw ana at the balcony. He says that he didn’t. Hilary overhears them and asks about it. Samantha says that she is still trying to confirm but Hilary tells her that she is mistaken. She tells Samantha that she is Gaels wife now and Ana can’t come back to their lives after what she did. Samantha tell her that she is right and that ana has no reason to come there.

Salvador tells Gael that he is part of the family but he says that he has always seen him as part of his family. He tells Gael that noe he can call him dad because things have changed he is now part of name and legacy and every decision he makes affects him too. Gael asks him if he expected more from him bit Salvador tells him that he expects him to make the marriage work for the sake of their family and future. He tells Gael not to fail him and ask him to promise him so. Gael promises that he won’t and tells him that he will rebuild what that woman destroyed. Salvador tells him that the woman has a name but Gael tells him that he hopes that she doesn’t return but it if she comes back to their lives he will make her pay for what she did to them.

Mona stands beside Rowena’s bed. Mona informs Celeste. Rowena asks what happened to her so Mona tells her that she was shot by her kidnappers. Rowena says that they didn’t. Mona is shocked. She asks Rowena who shot her so Rowena says that it s or. Mona asks her why Salvador would do that so Rowena says that she found out that she found out that Salvador was the mastermind of everything and he was responsible for the kidnapping.

Celesre shows ana a video vlip samantha saying that Ana waa a liar and a swindler and she ised gael to get close to Salvador. Samantha says that when Gael rejected her offer she went into hiding because they filed a case against her. Ana cries as she watches the clip.

Asintado episode 10

Ana sits crying. Xander brings her a glass of water and asks her if she reaches the river. Ana tells her that he was with the people who killed his parents. He tells her that is why they want to bring Salvador down so that he can pay for his crimes. Telenovela fever Kenya is a wordpress blog that gives you the best updates. Continue reading and Follow, Like, share and comment.

Miranda and Salvador return firm the rescue mission. The parents of the couple thank her as people cheer for him. Hilary compliments Salvador but tells him that he did good but this should be the last time. Salvador however keeps quiet and says that he can’t forget what happened to Rowena Hilary says that it was tragic but he saved so many lives and people know what he did. Salvador tells Hilary that he just wants to help people. Hilary tells her that is why she fell for him. Samantha comes there. Hilary tells her to join them but Samantha says that she doesn’t feel like taking anything.

At the hideout Mona tells the team that Ana has been crying the whole day and she feels sorry for her. Yvonne tells her not to be sorry for her and says that they all lost their parents but crying won’t bring their parents back. Xander tells her to be considerate. Mona says that she got separated from her family and went to live with her mother’s new family. Yvonne stops her but Mona says that they have to learn how to survive. Afterwards they asks Celeste if she will let Ana join the group but she says that she won’t force her. Ana comes there and aays that she wants to join them because she wants to make Salvador pay for his crimes. Xander says that she can’t join them because Salvador knows her. Chito says he can create a disguise for her but Yvonne says that Ana can’t join them. Celeste tels her that they are not refusing her to join them. Mona tells Ana that she is still recovering but Xander tells her that she can do nothing. Ana says that she can do anything to make Salvador pay.

Samantha goes to Gael’s office. She finds him with the secretary she got fired. Gael and the secretary continue working but Samantha tells him to leave for lunch with her. Gael tells her to go ahead but Samantha opts to wait. Gael gets a call and leaves to pick it. Samantha offers the secretary a higher salary to work at thier friends company but Gael returns just then and hears her. He scolds her for sabotaging her own company but Samantha says that the secretary needed the money. Gael tells her that she should not be jealous when she has no reason to be but Samantha tells him that she cant be jealous of a secretary. Gael angrily tells Samantha not to make him look like a fool but she says that she is not a liar like Ana. Gael gets upset and holds her by the neck. He pins her on the chair but she shouts that she is pregnant and that is what she came to the him. Gael is surprised. Salvador returns to work. The press compliment him for his work. One of them tells him to run for the presidency.

Ana tries doing some chores but Yvonne scolds her and Xander gets upset at her. Ana confronts them for thinking that she is helpless. She tells them that she is weak and that sh can do whatever they can. Yvonne asks her to confront Gael but ana tells them that Gael has nothing to do with everything. She tells them to try her so Celeste accepts that they will give her a test. She however tells her that if she fails she will have to let them have their way. Xander tells her that she has unit tonight to to get the stick from Yvonne’s head. Afterwards Mona tells her that if she can’t do it she shouldn’t force herself because Yvonne is good at martial arts because she and their father practiced ever since she was four years old. Ana tells her that they gave her the test because it was impossible but Mona tells her to wait until three in he afternoon when Yvonne usually falls asleep to take the stick away from her. Ana asks her why she is helping her so Mona says that she took care of her while she was in a coma and shared her life experiences with her even though she couldn’t hear. She tells Ana that Xander brought them together six months ago and like her he didn’t accept her to join the team at once once because she had no skill like the others. She says that she stayed because of Yvonne and when Ana was brought to them she saw an opportunity to to do something. She asks Ana not to give up. Yvonne is sleeping. Ana walks quietly to where Yvonne is and tries to take the stick away from her hair. Yvonne wakes up and scolds her. Ana gets upset for giving her an impossible task so Xander tells her that she can’t join them. Ana however tells him that if they think that she can do nothing because she almost died then she will get up and become even more stronger. Xander however tels her that it is not only the physical strength that is needed in their fight. He says that they have to use their body, soul and mind and most of all be fearless. He tells her that if she is ready to fight them she should be ready to die too.

Samantha arrives home sad. Hilary notices it asks her what the matter is. Samantha apologises to her and and tells her that she is pregnant. Hilary is elated and ask her how far she is and she says that she found out today. Hilary asks if Gael knows. Samantha says that he just left but she knows that he will take responsibility. Hilary gets angry bit Samantha tells him that he will but after what Ana did to him that he doesn’t trust anyone apart from her. She asks Hilary not to worry. Gael goes to the bar. He meets his friend Diego who congratulates him for he baby but asks him why he doesn’t look happy. Gael tells him that he doesn’t know if he is ready to have his own family but Diego tells him that what is important is that he makes things right and asks him id he loves Samantha. Gael asks him what he thinks so Diego tells him that he used to think so when they were young but after everything they have been through lately only he can answer his own question.

Yvonne is practising martial arts. Ana comes there. She asks Ana if she has given up and tells her that she is weak because she keeps crying. Ana says that crying doesn’t make one weak and she used to respond to emergencies before so she is not weak. Yvonne tells her to prove it by fighting her. They start fighting. The others try to stop them. Celeste tells them that they don’t have to hurt each other bit Yvonne says that if Ana joins the group as weak as she is she will just endanger them. She tells Ana that will use only use one hand to fight her an they starts fighting. Ana is defeated bit she refuses to give up. She throws a small stone to Yvonne’s hair and the pin falls on the floor. Everyone is surprised and Yvonne is shocked that Ana managed to get the stick. Chito compliments Ana. Ana tells Celeste that she did what she asked so she asks her to keep her end of the bargain. Celeste asks her if she is sure of her decision because Salvador knows her. Ana tells her that after their parents died she was left with only her sister and she was left powerless by the tragedy that struck her. Uncle Melchor tells them that they promised to stay together a so as long as Ana is with them she won’t be harmed. Celeste tells her that she has to be prepared because she will always be in danger and at risk in their group. Ana confidently says tells them that she is prepared to make them pay for the family she lost.

The people chant for Salvador. Afterwards a reporter interviews him and asks him how he feels that some people still call him a murderer even after seeing him reviving Rowena on live TV. Salvador says that he can do nothing about it bit he hopes that Rowena is at peace wherever she is. The reporter tells him that the people refer to him as a hero for saving Rowena and that the hospital said that her operation was a success. Salvador and Miranda are shocked to hear that. After the reporter leaves Salvador taunts Miranda for letting Rowena stay alive. Miranda tells him that she just found out now that Rowena is in the hospital. She says that the hospital was able to revive Rowena when she reached the hospital and afterwards she underwent multiple surgeries. Salvador gets worried saying that Rowena might reveal that they were behind everything when she wakes up but Miranda tells him that she has someone watching her at the hospital.

Xander is at the shooting range. Ana goes there and asks him why wanted to see her. Xander tells her that he wanted to show her how to shoot. Ana tells him that Gael taught her so there is no need. Xander tels her to do it bit Ana can’t. Xander starts instructing her but ana starts crying remembering when she was shot. She asks him to stop. He does and walks away angrily.

The Delmundo’s and the Ojeda’s meet for a family dinner suggested by Samantha. Gael is surprised to see everyone there and says that he thought that it was only the two of them. Samantha tels him that they too deserve to know because they are family. She tells them that she is pregnant. Salvador and Miranda congratulate them. Hilary says that they are there o plan the wedding. Gael is surprised and asks them why they are taking about marriage. He says that it is a modern era and not long ago where people had to get married if they had a baby on the way. He says that he will take responsibility for his baby but he won’t marry Samantha. He leaves angrily and Samantha follows him. Miranda tells Salvador that they should leave too because they have a meeting and excuses herself to leave too but Hilary tells her that they have to discuss the matter. Miranda sits but says that there is nothing to discuss since Gael is ready to support the child. Hilary gets upset and asks Miranda if she is supporting Gael’s irresponsible decision but Miranda says that she can’t do anything since Gael doesn’t want to marry Samantha. Hilary boldly tells her that Gael doesn’t need a course to be a decent human being and says that she won’t let Samantha be a single mother. Miranda tells Hilary that there is nothing wrong with being a single mother and that she too is one and she didn’t need a man to raise Gael. She says that Samantha can do the same because they will be there to support her and they can’t force Gael to marry her. Hilary tells her that she won’t let Samantha suffer because of a wrong decision and that she won’t let her grandchild to grow without a complete family. She says that Salvador will support her decision and asks him about his opinion. Salvador tells Miranda to speak to Gael and ask him to marry Samantha.

Xander goes back to the house and tells the team that Ana can’t shoot a gun because she is traumatized. Yvonne says that if she can’t shoot she can’t join them but Mona tells her that they have to give Ana time to heal. Yvonne tells her that they don’t need her because they used to work without her. Chito tells them that Ana really wants to bring Salvador down. Uncle Mario tells Xander that they wait for Ana and help her to recover but Xander says that he won’t wait. Ana sits on her bed. Miranda enters the room and says that Gael told them what happened. Ana apologises but Celeste tells her that it is not her fault that she was traumatized. Ana asks if they can skip the gun training and asks if there is another way to help. Celeste tells her that they have been doing that even with her father and it is part of training and that they have to do it to protect themselves. Ana asks her if they will ask her to leave if she can’t do it. Celeste tells her to believe in herself because she has to train to learn how to protect herself. She tells her to remember that the gun is not her enemy but Salvador is and if she can’t do it then she won’t get the justice she seeks. Miranda goes to talk to Gael. He tells her that he id what he wants to do but Miranda tells him that he will be ruined if he doesn’t marry Samantha because people will talk about it and ho’s plans to run for office will be affected. Gael tells her to take care of it because she is good at doing that and says that he will take responsibility for the child. He adda that he won’t be the first not to take responsibility because some are womanizers. Miranda tells him that he didn’t raise him to be like them and she takes so much pride in him. Gael tells her hat she raised him alone but Miranda tells him that he hated his father when he was growing up of she refuses to marry Samantha she will be like him. She asks him if she wants the same happen the same to his child.

Asintado episode 9

Chito, Xander and Yvonne go to Rowena’s office to look for evidence. Chito is called in to be interviewed. He triggers a fire alarm and everyone runs out of the building. Xander goes enters as chito sneaks into the control room. Celeste explains that they have to find any evidence against Salvador.

The canal tells Salvador that he has received orders to let him proceed with the negotiations. He however twlls Salvador that he will be on his own and they will only follow protocall and follow behind so whatever happens out there they won’t by responsible for it.

Ana remembers Mona refusing to let her call Gael. She tells herself that is scared and that she has no idea who the people who saved her are and why they won’t let her talk to Gael. She says that she has to go back to Gael and hopes that it won’t be too late. Telenovela fever Kenya is a wordpress blog that gives you the best updates. Continue reading and Follow, Like, share and comment.

Xander finds Chito. He tells Chito to get the evidence fast. Chito starys going through the computer files as Xander stands guard. Yvonne goes to Rowena’s office and finds a check without the name of the sender.

Hilary calls Salvador and Miranda bit no one picks up. Samantha asks her what they will do so Hilary says that they are going to follow them there. Samantha gets worried and tells her that they won’t be of any help there. Hilary however says that she can’t sit and watch while Salvador’s life in danger. She tells Samantha that she has to protect her family and tells her to come along.

The terrorist tells Salvador that they don’t know the exact location of the terrorist. He tells Salvador that they have to wire them so that they can listen in on their conversation Miranda refuses saying that the terrorists will body search the Senator Salvador to disagree saying that they have to show the terrorists that they trust him and that they can trust him. A boy comes there and tells Salvador to come along with him. Salvador asks him if he is one of them but the boy says that he is just an errand bot. The canal tells Salvador that they will follow him behind bit Salvador says that he has everything under control and leaves with the boy.

Ana escapes from the hideout. She limps towards the forest a d walks away.

Xander gets restless and asks Chito why he is taking so long. Chito says that he is check checking every angle to be sure. He starts going through the CCTV cameras. Xander sees the man who shot Ana and tells Chito to zoom in. Chito does and Xander confirms that it is him. The henchman honks his car and Xander tells Chito that they have to leave. Chito tries to take the flash drive with him but Xander pulls him and the flash falls on the floor.

In his office Gael scolds his employees for failing to carry out his instructions. Diego comes there and asks him why he hasn’t gone to Miranda since she is in danger. Gael tells him that he wont be of any help there. Diego tells him that he thought that he was indifferent to girls but it seems that he is like that with his mother too. Just then Gael receives a call form Samantha. He excuses himself saying that Samantha and Hilary are going after Miranda and Salvador so he is going with them.

Salvador meets the leader of the group. He welcomes Salvador and offers him a seat.

Meanwhile Celeste talks to Chito over the phone. She asks them not to go back there and asks them to come back. Chito says that he has not gotten sufficient evidence but Celeste tells him that they will get another opportunity bit for now they should leave for their own safety. Xander tells Chito that they should leave bit Chito says that he has few minutes to her the evidence. Xander pulls Chito away forcefully making the flash drive to fall on the ground. At the hideout Mona and Celeste wish that Xander and Chito come out safely. Celeste says that is their chance to make Salvador and make him pay for his crimes. Mona tells her, that they would have done it if Ana had the evidence.

The terrorist asks for the hostages to be released saying that Salvador is there to negotiate. Meanwhile Rowena tells the others that Salvador will save them.

Ana reaches the forest bit finds that there is a very large river that she can’t cross. She cries. Meanwhile Mona realizes that she is missing and tells Celeste. Celeste tells her to find her. Mona goes looking for Ana bit she doesn’t find her so she calls Celeste and tells her. Just then Ana arrives there. Mona notifies Celeste that she has already find Ana. They go back and Mona tells Ana that ,here is time for everything and her legs will be healed soon.

Chito and Xander arrive at the hideout. Chito is upset that because of Xander he couldn’t get the flash drive. He however says that he discovered that Rowena’s online channel is filled with trills who Salvador use to share opinions online to make it look like a lot of people are sharing his ideas. He says that he thinks that Salvador is paying Rowena for it so Yvonne says that she saw a check on Rowena’s table but it didn’t have the name of the sender. Xander says that he saw the guy who shot Ana on the CCTV footage too. They wonder why he was here so Celeste says that they have to find out.

Miranda and the army walk towards the hideout. She gets tired and asks them to rest for awhile. The canal tells her that they can’t do that because they are in the middle of an operation. He tells her to hide because they will confront the terrorists. Miranda asks him to make sure that Salvador is not hurt. Meanwhile the leader of the group tells Salvador that they have released all the hostages. Salvador tells him that he and his group have to go on hiding because the authorities will come after them. Salvador asks him if they can all be trusted. The leader tells him that they cab so Salvador asks him to continue terrorising the people and he will supply them with weapons. Rowena overhears their conversation. Salvador is shocked to see her. He feigns concern for her bit takes a gun and shoots her. She falls on the ground. The terrorist asks Salvador why he shot Rowena. Salvador tell s him that they were careless and they almost got him into trouble. The terrorist however tells him that because of his action he got them into trouble instead. He instructs his men to leave and they all flee leaving Salvador there.

Mona helps Ana in therapy. Celeste comes there and asks her why she escaped and asks her not to do it again. Ana asks her if she is not allowed to go out bit Celeste tells her to tell them whenever she wants to go out. Ana asks her if they found her family so Celeste asks her if that is the reason she escaped. Ana tells her that she promised to find them but Celeste tells her that they couldn’t find them. Ana gets upset but Celeste tells her that they are doing their beat to find her family but its it easy. Ana says to herself that she has to get out of there.

Miranda enters the room and finds Salvador alone. She sees Rowena lying unconscious on e floor and asks what happened.. Salvador tels her that Rowena heard him and the terrorist talking and shot her because he didn’t want any witnesses. Miranda tells him that Rowena can’t die because if she does he will be labelled as a poor negotiator. She instructs him ti apply pressure on Rowena’s wound and smears some blood on his shirt to make it look like he tried save her.

He opposes saying that Rowena is already dead but Miranda tells him that the soldiers are on their way. He does it. Just then the soldiers arrive. Salvador tells them to call for help saying that Rowena was shot.

Xander brings food to to Ana but she says that she can help herself. He tells her that they have to do so because she might try to escape again. She tells him that she doesn’t know who they are and doesn’t know if they are if they won’t betray her too. He tells her that they saved her but she says that is not a good reason. She says that she cant trust them so she won’t talk. Xander however tells her that they are trying to bring Salvador down and if she has any information about him show can tell them. Ana asks him they saved her to use her but Xander says that it is always a good thing no to trust people but they are not her enemies.

A gun fight ensues between the army and the terrorists. Celeste and her team watch the news. Yvonne says that if the terrorists kill Rowena Salvador’s ratings will increase because she is his number one supporter. Celeste however says that even though they want Salvador to pay they don’t wish harm to anyone. Xander thinks that Salvador is risking too much to save Rowena in order to gain popularity. Celeste agrees with him saying that there is more to the story.

Ana takes Mona hostage and just don’t give her the car keys because she is leaving the place Miranda and Samantha arrive at the place where Salvador is negotiating and ask the Canal to let them see Salvador he refuses but Hillary tells him that I didn’t come all the way the general promises him that Salvador is safe because they are taking care of him Samantha just him but he general refuses saying that the operation is ongoing so they cant go there. Samantha and Gael agrees with the general.

Ana hods Mona hostage. She threatens her with a fork and orders the others to hand the car keys to her because she wants to leave. They plead her to let Mona go bit she refuses and tells them that they are no different form Salvador and they are murderers. She tells them that she saw them carrying gins and asks them who they went to kill. Xander tells Celeste to tell ana the truth so that she can let go of her attempts to leave and free Mona. Celeste tells her that they want to make Salvador pay but it is not true that they rescued her only to use her against Salvador. She tells Ana that she and Robert studied at the same college and later found work in the same company. She tells Ana that she rescued her because she made a promise to her father Robert to take care if her and that she knows everything about her and her sister. Ana is surprised. She asks Celeste how she knew her father. Celeste tells her that she knew her real father Robert and she went to look for them when she heard hat he had died. She says that it was her fault that Robert. Ana tearfully tell her that their parents died in a fore accident bit Celeste tells her that someone wanted Robert dead. Ana is shocked. Celeste explains to her that Robert was her informant in an investigation against a governor but when they were found out they were killed. Celeste cries and apologises to Ana telling her that if she knew that would happen she would have never involved Robert and the others in her investigation.

Miranda asks Salvador if she is okay because she got worried when she heard gunshots. He says that he is and compliments her quick thinking that saved them from being blamed for Rowena’s death. Miranda tells him tat it took so long for ,hem to plan that and she wasn’t ready to let anything go wrong. Continue reading updates from Telenovela fever Kenya. Salvador asks her id she is sure that no one will question them about Rowena’s death so Miranda tells him that there is no evidence that he shot Rowena and tells him to stick to the story that Rowena die when she fought back against the terrorists. He says that the outcome was not as exactly as they planned but it was good. She tells him that he is a hero.

Ana lets go of Mona. Celeste tries to go close to her bit Ana tells her off and asks her if she knows where Katrina is. Celeste cries and tells her that she doesn’t know where Katrina is. She tells Ana that it is good because she found her before it was too late because the governor she was investigating is now senator Salvador Del mundo.

Hilary, Gael and Samantha arrive at the hospital. Salvador and Miranda. Hilary is glad that Salvador is okay. Gael too asks but Miranda asks them why they came. Hilary gets upset at her question but Salvador tells them not to fight. Hilary says that Miranda lied to her and made her believe that he won’t get involved in the negotiations. Miranda however tells her that of Salvador had not negotiated then he wouldn’t have saved the hostages. They continue to argue but Salvador calms them down. Samantha tells Salvador that they were worried when they heard that he was caught in a shoot out but Miranda says that the terrorists opened fire when they were cornered by the military. Gael asks if the were able to save Rowena bit he tells him that Rowena was shot by the terrorist during a gin fight. Hilary is saddened by this bit Salvador says that he wasn’t hurt.

Celeste tries to calm Ana down. Ana cries and pushes her away. She confronts Celeste for letting her go through all that and asks her if they were able to save her father. Celeste tearfully tells her that she was alone and so she couldn’t do anything and she managed to save her only when Xander arrived. Ana cries and asks her where her father is. Celeste takes her to the lake where the henchman threw the drum with her father’s body. She tells Ana that they wanted to give Vicente a proper burial but she knows how Salvador’s men work and they would surely come to check of the body is still there. Ana recalls all her memories with her adoptive father. She cries sadly and also recalls how Vicente asked her to save herself when he couldn’t go ant further as he tried to save her the day she was kidnapped. Ana breaks down and asks Vicente to forgive her.

Fish Port Princess 13th September 2019

Cassandra confronts Maningning and asks her what the documents were doing in her room. Jerry says that those documents do not prove Maningning guilty but Cassandra tells Maningning to tell them what the truth is. Maningning angrily accepts that she stole the documents but she didn’t kill Mayumi. Cassandra tells her that if she proves herself innocent she will kneel before her but if she is guilty everything that belongs to her will be hers. Cassandra tells Jerry to find Daphne’s killer even if its a Pertiera because someone has to pay for Daphne’s death.

As Charles bathes he cries and bangs his head on the wall. When he comes out Rosa is surprised to see him bleeding and asks why he is doing that to himself. Charles says that he will do it until he finds Daphne’s killer because is haunted by his time with Daphne. Rosa promises to find Daphne’s murderer and Charles thanks her. Telenovela fever Kenya is a wordpress blog that gives you the best updates. Continue reading and Follow, Like, share and comment.

Maningning calls Harry and tells him that Cassandra found the documents she hid and she wants to say the truth about what happened. She asks him to forget their debts and help her to tell the truth. Harry tells her not to do so. She asks him to let her do it and asks her not to hurt Virgie. Harry says he won’t as long as she won’t say anything. He tells her that Virgie’s life is still in danger but he will make sure that the documents do not reach the police.

Habagat apologises to Sandy in front of everyone. He forgets her last name but she forgives him anyway. Armand comes there and tells him that if he hirts Sandy again he will answer to him because he never hurt her when he stayed with him. Habagat is surprised at what Armand said but he says that Sandy never got hurt because he was never in love with him.

Bukol goes back to work. The other gang members tell him to take his job seriously or else he might be replaced. Bukol tells him that Sigmund can’t replace him because he is his favorite. Sigmund arrives there and gives him a task to kill Harry. Bukol asks why his feud with Harry is escalating but Sigmund tells him that Harry killed one of his men and he has to kill him.

Cassandra finds Maningning standing alone. She provokes her but Maningning starts leaving. Cassandra holds her hand and tels her that age won’t win against her because she will make sure that she takes the fall for killing Daphne. Maningning says that she didn’t kill Daphne and tells Cassandra that she just wants her inheritance. Victor comes there. Cassandra asks Victor if she knows about all of Maningning secrets. He asks what the secrets are but Cassandra says that Maningning kept all of them from him. Cassandra tells Maningning to ask help from Victor and tells Victor that he will be waiting when Maningning lets her down and leaves. Maningning tells Victor that she hid everything from hom because if she tells him Virgie will be in trouble. Victor tells him he can’t help her if she doesn’t trust him. Maningning however says that she can’t jeopardize her mother’s life for her own sake.

Bikol takes his friends for an outing and they have a good time.

Cassandra communicates with her boyfriend online. She apologises for putting him in Maningning mess but he says that this will be over soon. He asks her for how long he will use him against Maningning but she tells him that she thought that he did ot because he loves her. She tells him to keep it a secret and tells him that when all is over he will repay him. He tells her that he will make sure that Maningning will go to jail. He tells her that he loves her and she says that she does too.

Maningning arrives at Virgie’s house. Harry is there too. Virgie tells Maningning to thank Jarry for helping them but Maningning does it coldly. Virgie scolds her. Harry leaves. Virgie asks Maningning why she was cold to Harry. Maningning asks her what she will do if Harry is just pretending so Virgie tells her that Harry has no reason to do that to her and even if he looks like a thug he is a good person. Maningning says to herself that’s what Virgie thinks.

Maningning starts selling fish at the pier again. Eric comes there and keeps her company as they chat. Maningning tells him that she feels peace at the pier and says that she can spend her entire life at the pier.

Jerry calls Victor and tells him that the blood samples from the documents match that of Daphne. Victor is surprised. Jerry tells him that Maningning confessed to stealing the documents and this might be the first time he loses a case. Victor says that now he knows that is what Maningning was hiding. He says that he will win big because Jerry doesn’t know what he is after. He goes to see Rosa and tells her that he has good news. She invites him into he house. Victor tells her that he has new evidence against Maningning. Rosa tells him to make sure that Maningning goes to jail otherwise she may get rid of the evidence. Charles arrives there just then and hears them. He asks Charles why he came to see Rosa and if she and Rosa are conniving against Maningning. Charles tells him that he came to interview Rosa because she can tell him about Daphne and Maningning’s relationship. Rosa agrees with Victor and they manage to convince Charles. Charles and Victor say that they have to go somewhere and Rosa wonders why everyone around her is leaving to go somewhere.

Cassandra gets a message from her boyfriend telling her that he cannot tolerate their situation anymore. Cassandra calls him and tells him that she can also take Maningning down without him. She tells him that she will meet him and they agree to meet at the province.

Octopus goes to see Sigmund at his drug warehouse. Sigmund ask him if he has news for him so Octopus tells him that Harry and his group will raid the police station. Bukol comes there and gets upset seeing Octopus. He tells Octopus to leave but Sigmund tells him that Octopus is their spy and he is still his ring leader. He adds that he has found a way to get rid of Harry and tells Bukol that it is his chance to prove himself tells him to kill Harry. Bukol looks surprised so Sigmund asks him if he can’t. Bukol says he will. Sigmund sends him and Octopus away and they leave. On their way Bukol asks Octopus why he accepted to spy on Harry for Sigmund. Octopus says that he had no choice but to accept because Sigmund threatened to kill him.

Cassandra arrives at the pier. She calls her boyfriend and tells him that she is at the pier. A man steals her phone and runs away but Eric runs after him retrieves it. Cassandra tells hom to gove her the phone because he might infect it with germs. Eric tells Maningning that he regrets helping Cassandra. He returns the phone to her. Maningning scolds Cassandra telling her that she should not be there because the pier doesn’t suit her. Cassandra asks her if she is afraid that everyone will know about the crime she committed. She shouts to everyone that Maningning killed her sister but Maningning attacks her. Cassandra fights back. Maningning throws fish water on her. Cassandra leaves angrily. She gets in her car and calls her boyfriend telling her that they can’t meet because she smells like fish.

Maningning and Charles arrive at Virgie’s house. They stand outside and Eric starts talking about how beautiful Cassandra is. Maningning lightly warns him telling him to stop admiring Cassandra because she is not going to forgive him again if he cheats on her again. Victor comes there and tells her that he knows that she hid the truth about the documents she stole from him. Maningning begs him not to tell Virgie about it and just then Virgie comes there looking for Maningning. They turn to look at her surprisingly.

Stolen Moments 13th September 2019

Diana enters Sophia office and smiles looking at Xander and Sophia. Sophia pretends not to know Xander and asks him for the delivery receipt of the flowers. Xander gives it to her and leaves. Diana watches him curiously but Sophia tells her that they should leave.

Edward and Francis visit Beatrice’s hometown to find her grave. Edward finds his old friend Roman at the graveyard who tells him that his father is already dead. Edward goes home but his mother gets angry at him and tells him to leave. Edward and Francis leave. On the way Francis asks him what happened so Edward tells him that his father forced him to get married to a woman he didn’t love. He tried to make her happy bit he couldn’t. They always got into fights and so he left. His family disowned him after his separation with his wife and his grandfather died angry at him. Then after that he left for America and got into different relationship but he couldn’t get over Diana. Derrick helped him get up and and now he has come back to ask for forgiveness. Francis tells him that he has been through a lot and asks him if he still blames himself. Edward stands in front of Beatrice’s gravw and apologises saying that one night of weakness ruined so many lives. On the way back he says that he came back hoping that Diana and Sophia will forgive him.

Diana and Sophia wait for Margaret. The secretary calls them to an abrupt meeting called by Edward. They go there and find all the staff there. Edward arrives there. Derrick announces that Edward will be the senior vice president for entertainment. Everyone congratulates him. Telenovela fever Kenya is a wordpress blog that gives you the best updates. Continue reading and Follow, Like, share and comment.

Afterwards Sophia gets really upset and cries telling Diana that she thought that Edward promised to stay away but now he has gotten a higher place than her. Diana tells her that they can do nothing about it and hugs her. Margaret comes there to pick them for their dinner together but Sophia leaves angrily. Margaret observes that Sophia is upset and enquires about the reason from Diana. Diana tells her that they will not talk about it there and asks her to postpone their dinner but Margaret tells her that Stephanie is waiting.

Sophia drives around in a taxi. The driver asks her where to go but she tells him to go anywhere. Afterwards she areives at Louie’s house crying and he welcomes her.

Stephanie and andrew wait for Margaret. She gets a message from Margaret cancelling their dinner. Andrew gets upset and goes to hia room. Afterwards she asks if he is upset. He asks her to tell her the next time if he is preparing that kind of surprise. She says that she wanted him to meet the rest of her family but he tells her that he ia not a puppet to be pushed around. She asks why he is angry but he tells her that he cannot give her anything and goes to bed.

Diana gets a call from Louie telling her that he will pick her up later from the office. Just then Edward enters Diana’s office. She confronts hom for what he did and says that he shouldn’t believe him because he always breaks his peomises. She angrily tells him that he is jist his boss and that is the only respect he will get from her.

Sophia and Xander spends time together and afterwards she tells him that it is the beginning of her fight. He jokes if he should leave his door open and she laughs.

While going home Francis asks Edward why Diana is angry at her yet he did not steal Sophia’s position. Edward says he has no idea but Francis tells him that he was unable to reveal that he loved her before but maybe Diana still loves him.

When Louie and Diana arrive home he asks her why she and Sophia are so mad at Edward since he didn’t get Sophia’s position. He says that he is trying to understand them but they are making it hard for him. She gets upset at him but he asks her if she still feels something for him and leaves. Afterwards she calls him and apologises. She asks him to talk about the issue with her the following day.

Stephanie goes to Margaret’s office and asks why she didn’t show up. Margaret tells ber that Sophia’s competitor for her position, Edward got a higher position than her. Stephanie laugghs and asks how sophia reacted but Margaret tells her that she has no idea because she didn’t see Sophia in the morning. Stephanie tells Margaret that Andrew wasn’t at home too and he is angry at her. Stephanie asks Margaret what he told Andrew but she tells Stephanie that she doesn’t think it’s right to pair them up. Stephanie asks the reason so Margaret says that she is too busy but Stephanie asks her if it because Andrew reminds her of Harry. Margaret says that they shouldn’t talk about it but Stephanie asks her if it is because she can’t forget Harry. Margaret says that it isn’t like that so Stephanie asks her to hire Andrew as a photographer so that she can find a chance to apologise to him. She adds that she won’t pair them again. Margaret asks her why she is so concerned that Andrww is angry at her so Stephanie says rhat he is her roommate. Margaret asks if thats why she loves hom so Stephanie agrees and corrects that she loves him as a friend. Margaret tells Stephanie to tell Andrew to bring a sample of his work to her at MNS the following day.

Edward and the others members of MNS are in a meeting. Derrick joins them and notices that Sophia and Diana have not arrived. He goes to start the meeting but Sophia and Diana arrive. Sophia angrily gazes at Edward. After tbe meeting Sophia tells Diana that he will not go easy on Edward and he will see to it that he gets fired. Diana tells Sophia that they have no reason to to keep being angry at Edward because they can’t explain the reason and that Louie is starting to question her about it. Sophia tells her that she doesn’t have to explain herself to Louie but Diana tells her that Edward might start suspecting something. Sophia is upset at her but Diana tells her that they didn’t promise Beatrice that they will make Edward suffer but promised to take care of Margaret. Sophia however tells her that they have to keep Edward away from Margaret because as long as he is there they will keep seeing each other.

Andrew speaks to Xander and tells her that he doesn’t know what to do about his feelings for Stephanie. Xander ask him if he can let go of his friendship with Stephanie. Andrew asks him of it will reach that point so Xander tells him that once he confesses his feelings to her no matter what happens their friendship will take a back seat.

Margaret and Edward meet on the lift. They greet each other and she tells him that she has heard alot from him. He says that Sophia must have said a lot about him but he says that it wa from Diana. He says that it must have made no difference. When they get out of the lift he haply says goodbye to her. Sophia and Diana see them together. They walk up to Margaret and ask her what she and Edward were talking about. Margaret tells them that Edward just introduced himself to her. Sophia tells her that she should not speak to Edward again because he can’t be trusted but Margaret tells her that she knows that they have a grudge with him but they can trust her. Sophia however shouts at her to do what she says and walks away angrily. Margaret and Diana gaze at her quietly.

Stephanie comes home and calls out to Andrew but he he isn’t home. She sees an envelope and opens it. She sees photos of her and Andrew and looks at them for a while but says that they are just friends. Afterwards Andrew comes home and she apologises to him and tells him about his job offer from Margaret. The following morning he goes to Margaret’s office and accepts her offer.

Derrick and Edward have a meeting with Diana. They offer her a position as the vice president for a new department but she declines it and suggests someone else. Afterwards Diana tells Sophia about Edward’s offer. Sophia gets upset and tells Diana that she hopes that she didn’t accept because she will be married soon so she won’t have time for the position. Diana tells her that she didn’t. Sophia leaves angrily and goes looking for Edward. She finds him talking to Margaret. She tells Margaret that she is needed at MNS and asks to speak to Edward.

Diana and Louie go to a date. She tells him about the offer the office suggested to her. He asks her if it was Edward who have it to her. She asks him why he thinks that she cant be promoted at her own merit so he tells her that it is because of her past with Edward. Diana tells him that not to being him up in their conversation and that she and Edward have no past but Louie tells her that it is she and Edward who are bringing up the past. Diana gets upset and leaves as he calls out to her and follows behind.

Sophia confronts Edward for what he did. She tells him that first he hurt Beatrice and now he wants to hurt Diana. She angrily tells him that he won’t fool her because he should not compare her to Diana. Edward tells that he can’t do that because she is different because she is not like Diana. Sophisticated a angrily slaps him and he sternly looks at her.

More than Love 13th September 2019

Everyone gets shocked. They rush to see who it is. Pong runs outside but he doesn’t see anyone so he comes back.

Celine and Brain have dinner together. She thanks him for seeing her worth and picking her up. He thanks her for needing her. They dances together while hugging each other. He tells her that he loves her and she tells him that she will love him and promises to do so. Afterwatds Brian leaves for a while. As Celine walks around JB comes running to her and happily hugs her telling her that he and Jackie are over and he is free to love her now. She however tells him to stop pretending that he knows how to love because he doesn’t. He tells her that he loves her and gies on his knees. He begs her and holds her bity she pushes him away. He holds on to her and refuses to let go of her. Brian comes there and pushes JB away. They start fighting but Celine shouts at JB to stop asking her husband. JB is stocked so Celine tells her that she got married to Brian and it was the best decision of her life. JB doesn’t believe her so Celine shows her the ring. JB angrily asks her why she couldn’t wait longer saying that Jackie left her. Celine however tells him that Jackie made the best decision leaving him because he doesn’t deserve neither her nor Jackie because he is a loser. J B sadly walks away as Brian hugs Celine. When JB leaves he goes to a bar and gets drunk. He sleeps there and the attendants let him stay there.

Eli and his family reason that the person who threw the note wanted to scare them. Afterwards Dadoots meets his friends at the bar and tells rhem about rhe incident. They tell him that they should teach big boss a lesson.

As Shonny tells Monique how happy he is to live in Fidel’s mansionabout the

The following day Eli goes to work. Jackie asks him if he missed him but he says he didn’t because she is always in his heart. Afterwards Eli tells Jackoe thathe will face hee family but Jackie tells him that she can handle them.

Brian and Celine come home. Imelda is happy for them bit asks Ce line why she didn’t tell him about their wedding so that she can walk her down the alter. Celine tells her that it was a simple wedding with her and Brian only. Imelda happily welcomes Brian to their family and telks him ro call her mother. Afterwards Imelda apologises to Celine for telling JB where she was. She tells Celinw that she doesn’t understand how JB want her even though he is marrying Jackie. She says rhat it is a good thing she got married to Brian. Celine however tells her not to talk about it because she has a new life with Beian.

Fidel, Monique and Corazon meet for dinner to discuss JB and Jackie’s marriage. Corazon tells Fidel and Monique that she is happy for them and hopes that rhey will last. Jackie joins rhem. Corazon asls her where JB bit Jackie says that she doesn’t know. Corazon keeps calling JB abd gets worried. She asks Jackie what is happening but Jackie hesitates and after a while tells them that her wedding with JB is off. Fidel asks if they arw postponing it and aska when it will be. Jackie says that he and JB have changed alot and they are not the same people who loved each other. Fidel asks her if she loves someone else bit Jackie just keeps quiet. Corazon leaves angrily. Jackie goes to her room. Fidel tells Monique that if he finds out that Jackie is cheating on JB he doesn’t know what he will do. He ssys that if Jackie finds someone else he has to be better than JB otherwise he wont let her be with someone else. Monique however tells him that they shouldn’t force JAckie and JB together if they don’t love each other. Fidel tells her that love is not a guarantee that they will stay happy because when he maeroed her he gave her everything but she still cheated. Monique tells her that he gave her everything bit he was never around. He asks her if that is why she cheated. She says that she regrets it bit he says that they should stop talking about it.

Monique goes to Jackie’s room and sits with her on the bed. Jackie asks her how Fidel reacted but Monique tells her to give him time. Jackie tells her that she wants to tell Fidel about Eli bit Monique advises her that it is not the right time.

JB finally arrives home. Corazon angrily asks her where he has been. He angrily tells her that he has no one because JB and Celine left him. He calls himself a spineless coward and asks if she is happy. Corazon cries and tries to calm her down bit JB slumps on the couch and cries. Afterwards he eecalls how Celine confronted him for not being ablw to stand up for her and how she sent him away telling her that he doesn’t deserve anyone and told him that she doesn’t care. He gets in his car abd angrily grips the steering wheel saying that je will set everything right and that no one can reject Jaime Beringer. He goes to Jackie’s garden and tries to force hergo return to jer. Jackie however tells him that they will never get together again because she loves someone else. He asks who it is bit she doesn’t tell him. Jist rhen she receives a message bit before she can read it JB snatches her phone and reads the message. He sees that it is from Eli. He gwts furious and goes to Eli’s house and atracks him. He confronts hom dor jis betrayal but Eli fights back and tells him that Jackie doesn’t love him. JB warns him that Jackie will be hers and leaves angrily. He goes to Fidel and tells him that he is ready to take Jackie back. Fidel tells him that he jas hos full support.

Monique cleans the house. Shonny comes there and tells her that ahe is now a ew person and ahe shouldn’t be doing house chores. Monique however tells him that she is the same person as before and there is nothing wrong with what she is doing. Dante comes there and they are surprised to see him. Afterwards the three of them go to a dinner date. Dante tell.him that he is wife left him and he was left to take caee of their daughter. He aska for her help saying that he is having problems raising her alone. Monique promoses to help him. Afterwards they leave together. Corazon calls Fidel and tells her that Monique met someone at a restaurant. When Monique arrives home Fidel asks her where she was. Ahe says that she went to Shonny’s house. Fidel doesn’t believe her bit he keeps calm. Afterwards Monique takes out the dresses she doesn’t use anymore feom the closet. Fidel asks her why she is doing it bit Monique tells mm that she just wants to clear the closet to be left with only the clothes she needs because the others are taking up space unnecessarily. The following day Monique sells the dresses. Shonny tells her that selling them and helping Dante without Fidell’s knowledge will look suspicious. Monique however tells him that she just feels sorry for Dante’s daughter and that’s why she is helping him. Afterwards Monique meets Dante and gives her the money. He gets emotional and cries as he thanks her. He holds her ands and lies his forehead on them as someone takes photos of them.

As Jackie works in her garden JBcomes there and tries to take her away telling her that they will dinner and take her home like they used to do before. Jackie tries to free herself but JB refuses to let go. Eli cpmes there and pushes him away. JB attacks him and tells he that he trusted him but he betrayed him. He angrily calls Eli a scam saying that he doesn’t deserve Jackie and only he(JB) deserves her. Jackie tries to separate them and tells them to stop fighting. JB leaves angrily saying that only he will have Jackie.

Fidel receives the photos of Monique and Dante. He gets furious looking at them. He clutches them in his fists an throws them on the floor. He then slumps on the couch fuming mad.